"We're taught to be ashamed of Confusion, Anger, Fear and Sadness;

and to me they are of equal importance and value to Happiness, Excitement and Inspiration,

because they are communicating so much if I can but Listen to their messages."

-Alanis Morrisette


Welcome, I am eager to assist you in navigating life’s journey. Choosing professionals for your family is an important decision whether it is a physician, dentist, or therapist.  Please take some time to interview your prospective therapist;  your ability to relate to them and trust them is paramount to your success.  For more information about choosing the right therapist for you, visit www.counselingcalifornia.com/how_to_choose_a_therapist.cfm .


I am Patricia (Patti) L. Shaw and I have been fortunate enough to counsel individuals and families for over 19 years in Shasta County.  I have experienced the best and worst of our collective human condition working in Child Protective Services and Foster Care.   While it has not always been easy, I can truly say that it has challenged me to grow as a person and has enriched my life.


I am constantly amazed by the resiliency and perseverance of people who have experienced life-changing events.  I have had the good fortune to work alongside talented therapists, social workers, law enforcement officers, teachers, nurses, and physicians during the past 19 years in Child Welfare, CalWorks, Probation, Foster Care, and Private Practice Therapy.   These professionals work tirelessly towards creating positive community change, and I am personally committed to creating wellness for individuals and the Northstate. 


Part of this change involves helping these local professionals (doctors, nurses, social workers, police, firefighters, teachers, foster/adoptive parents, attorneys, etc.) who work daily with people, or animals, in trauma. These individuals are likely to burn out or suffer secondary traumatic stress, causing their physical and emotional health to be negatively impacted.  As a result, their ability to be effective in their careers and personal lives suffers.  I am committed to working directly with these Community Service professionals to create healthier, more sustainable resources and supports for our communityIt is with this in mind that I became a Supervisor for Associate Therapists.


I am inspired by seeing both young and old overcome life-altering adversity to reclaim their sense of safety, and self-worth.  We live in a community that is significantly impacted by child abuse, substance abuse, homelessness, and unemployment.   I have witnessed the rippling effects that the resulting trauma has caused.  Treating these wounds is crucial to the healing of an individual’s mind, body, and spirit.   Learn more:  


I am honored by the trust my clients have placed in me and their willingness to share their stories.  I believe that this trusting professional relationship is the foundation of successful therapy.  Only after establishing this trust can I assist you in finding the solutions to resolve the difficulties you are facing.  I believe that each person possesses the key  to their happiness:   "You are the expert on your life."